Bush Botanics Australia, Ltd. is an elders-led social enterprise supporting Australian Aboriginal communities to restore and enhance ecosystems by propagating native plants for cultural, medicinal, spiritual, and restoration purposes.

Our On-Country Cultural Plant Propagation Center exemplifies the collaboration between elders, community members and actively engaging the youth, promoting native language learning, intergenerational cultural transmission, and active engagement in seed saving & plant propagation activities, thus strengthening the community bonds and cultural heritage.

We are dedicated to developing innovative commercial uses for native plant species while protecting their cultural significance, restoring ecological balance, and creating economic opportunities within communities.

Our work across remote communities is focused on the importance of nursery management, seed conservation, horticultural education, and the preservation of traditional ecological knowledge. We provide access to agricultural expertise, tools, training, funding and markets that empower individuals and communities to improve food security and economic opportunity.

We have a dedicated team of experienced horticulturists, agriculturalists, botanists and land managers who provide community groups with support across all aspects of planning, constructing, and managing a native plant nursery operation.

Our teams work in agricultural and aboriginal tourism projects across WA, SA, NT and FNQ. 

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This initiative is pivotal in restoring and enhancing native ecosystems through the propagation of native plants for food, medicinal, spiritual, and cultural uses.


Prioritizing What Matters

The efforts of Bush Botanics are crucial in planning, constructing, and managing native plant nurseries in remote locations. Their work exemplifies a successful partnership between federal agencies, Traditional Owners and the needs of remote Aboriginal communities. 


There is one, and only one solution, and we have almost no time to try it. We must turn all our resources to repairing the natural world, and train all our young people to help. They want to; we need to give them this last chance to create forests, soils, clean waters, clean energies, secure communities, stable regions, and to know how to do it from hands-on experience.

  •                        - Bill Mollison

Native Food Innovations

Native foods are a growing trend in the food and beverage industry. We source, develop and market native ingredients for use in food products, supplements and personal care items.

Our new products include quandong, bush tomato, native lemongrasss, Northern Wild Orange, Apple Bush, bush mint tea, Saltbush and a wide variety of bush herbs.

Plant Medicines

Our native foods and native botanicals are sustainably sourced in alignment with Traditional cultural practices, and are of the highest quality. We have an extensive range of native plant based ingredients that can be incorporated into your product development.

All our products have been developed in consultation with local Indigenous communities. 

Product Development

Bush Botanics works with remote communities across WA, SA, the NT and QLD to develop capacity within the bush foods and botanicals sector. We support these communities in land management, education & training, variety selection, infrastructure support, consulting, value-add, labelling and an online marketplace for marketing and selling indigenous bush food and botanicals products, services and tourism experiences.  

The Oldest Foods in the World...

Bush Botanics Australia, Ltd. is an agricultural incubator with a focus on growing and sourcing indigenous bush foods, medicinal plants and essential oils.

We can support your remote bush food enterprise with:

• Business plans • Consultation and individual, item or species-specific enquiries • Crop and species advice • Feasibility studies • Mentorship • Project management • Research studies and market/industry information • Support services for specific projects • Seed Bank Development • Geo-Mapping • Product development • Packaging and Design • Video production • Website, Marketing and ADM's • Land Use Agreements • Bio-Diversity Registration • Festivals and Events • Grant Funding & Management • Remote agricultural and harvesting support •

Sustainability : The collection of our native ingredients is done sustainably, ensuring the future of our unique Australian food sources for generations to come.

New opportunities : We provide pathways for education, training, employment and financial independence to Indigenous Australians.  Bush Botanicals supports projects in bushcraft, bush tucker, bush medicines, bush food workshops & events and indigenous cultural tourism.

Promoting authenticity : Bush Botanics Australia works to promote traditional cultural knowledge and preserve authenticity of ingredients and Indigenous cultural practices

Sourcing Authentic Native Foods and Botanicals

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Mobile Agricultural Processing Unit (MAPU)

Bringing the power of mobile agricultural processing units into remote communities.

Our Mobile Agricultural Processing Unit (MAPU) provides year-round support for site-prep, seedlings, planting, irrigation, harvesting and food processing for remote populations.

Our Mobile Agricultural Processing Units (MAPU) are self-sufficient and fully automated. Each unit has tools and equipment, a composting unit and produces its own electricity from solar panels on the roof.

We partner with land owners, indigenous communities and other businesses to generate and supply high quality, sustainable bush food products.

We offer ongoing R&D in plant selection, sustainable production systems and post-harvest systems.

Indigenous Seed Production for Ecological Restoration

The Intersection of Tradition and Science

Did you know that nearly all of Australia's native seed supply is harvested from the wild? This practice, while traditional, is becoming increasingly unsustainable. The establishment of an Indigenous-owned and operated native seed farm is a groundbreaking initiative that merges traditional knowledge with modern ecological science. Let's explore how this collaboration works and why it's vital for the future of land rehabilitation.

At Bush Botanics, we believe that seeds are more than just a commodity. They're a symbol of our First Nations' cultural heritage, and a reminder of the amazing things that can be grown from something so small.

That's why we're passionate about empowering Indigenous communities through restoration seed production. We offer growers a unique opportunity to not only preserve their culture but also make an income off a small plot of land.

With the demand for native seeds far outstripping supply, it's never been easier to make a profit from seed farming. Join us on our mission to restore the natural environment while also creating sustainable economic opportunities in Indigenous communities. Together, let's create something extraordinary from the smallest of beginnings!

At Bush Botanics, we understand the importance of protecting and preserving living links to our past. We are committed to keeping the ancient traditions of seed saving, Indigenous agriculture, and storytelling alive. Our mission is to provide access to a wide variety of native seeds and plants so that they may be shared with future generations.

Working with remote communities, we seek to create sustainable ecosystems and economic opportunities that will restore balance to our planet for years to come. By connecting people with nature, we aim to foster an appreciation for the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

Join us in creating a more vibrant and resilient future – one where our stories can live on through the ages.



Native Seed Restoration Partnerships

 Bush Botanics is working with remote communities to collect native seed for research, development, germplasm conservation, and ecosystem restoration. By involving community members across Indigenous lands, we are building up seed supply while co-creating working partnerships with remote communities. 

We offer private industry seed production enabling you to scale your restoration activities. Our goal is to to increase the quality and quantity of native plant materials available for restoring and supporting resilient ecosystems.

Our quality assessment is compliant with international principles and standards for native seed in ecological restoration. We base our harvesting and production across a wide variety of methods, locations, timing, techniques and agronomics. 


An ounce of practice is worth more than

a ton of theory...

  •                            - EF Schumacher

Remote Essential Oil


Bush Botanics provides on-location distillation and processing of bush medicines for essential oils.

These oils are available to local communities for the creation of a wide variety of health & wellness products.

Essential oils are ideal products for remote communities and small-scale farmers, provided that they receive the correct technical and marketing training. Bush Botanics aims to accelerate the creation and development of emerging essential oil enterprises; facilitate and promote aboriginal employment opportunities and integrate business, manufacturing and marketing through hands-on training and development with Indigenous entrepreneurs.

Our Process

  • - Evaluations of potential emerging  

  •    farms and assess viability of

  •    essential oil production.

  • - Recommendations of essential oil

  •    crops to be planted.

  • - Assessment of agricultural

  •    infrastructure required before

  •    essential oil production can be

  •    considered.

  • - Continual, on-farm agronomic

  •    training of incubates from

  •    experienced horticultural field

  •    officers.

  • - On site training in the process of

  •    essential oil extraction by steam

  •    distillation.

  • - Assistance with developing

  •    business plans for communities

  •    and their stake holders or

  •    financiers.

  • - Assistance in obtaining financial

  •    support from the public and

  •    private sectors both locally and

  •    internationally

  • - Comprehensive assistance with

  •    initial land preparation and

  •    plantings.

  • - Access to cost-effective mobile

  •    steam distillation equipment for

  •    smaller scale farmers.

  • - Access to reliable and competitive

  •    international markets via long

  •    term supply contracts.

  • - Chemical and sensory analyses of

  •    essential oils in orders to

  •    determine quality and

  •    marketability.

  • - Design & implementations of the

  •    appropriate governance, legal and

  •    management structures for the

  •    business being incubated.

  • - Community development 

  •    interventions within the incubated

  •    business and the broader

  •    community in which it operates.

  • - Business skills training;

  • - Liaison with other appropriate

  •    Government Departments e.g.

  •    Agriculture and Land Councils.


cultural practices

New crops for food and botanicals 

Regenerative land






Giving is part of what we are here for.

The gift you alone were given is meant 

To be given away...

Giving will enrich every aspect of your life.

Growing Food Security

in Remote Communities

An innovative approach to Ecological Restoration while building capacity in the Australian bush foods business

Australia's bush food industry is booming, with traditional varieties in high demand, yet there is still less than 1 per cent indigenous representation in the supply chain.  Bush Botanics is an initiative that engages more indigenous people in small-scale bush food enterprises in remote communities across Australia - WE ARE BUILDING A RESTORATION ECONOMY.

Our aim is to cultivate native species in order to process and distribute high-quality, authentic native food products from Australia's natural environment. We partner with Indigenous communities to help sustainably manage their land and develop small-scale enterprises that provide opportunities for employment and community development into the future.

Bush Food Innovation Hub

Bush Botanics knowledge library : Learn about the uses, benefits and preparation of native Australian botanicals and bush foods.

Bush tucker plant nursery : An extensive collection of native plants and seeds.

Bush food & plant medicine making workshops : Develop your product with trusted, hygienically-processed food and medicinal plant products from our commercial kitchen.

Mobile Processing Facilities

Our Mobile Agricultural Processing Unit (MAPU) provides year-round support for site-prep, seedlings, planting, irrigation, harvesting and food processing for remote populations.


Connecting the wild harvesters with the end user, our smartphone app provides a storefront and back-office services for small-scale bush food enterprises on-country.

Restoring cultural knowledge, regenerating environments and regaining health

Join us on-country in one of our upcoming seed gathering trips

or educational classes...

Upcoming Courses

Unlocking the Potential of Wattle Seeds: From Conservation to Commercial Production

This program will help support your community in growing wattle trees for seed and environmental services in remote community. Learn about the process of domesticating wild wattle populations to make them more stable, easier to handle, and more valuable for establishing successful wattle seed orchards. Discover the process of establishing wattle seed orchards and the potential for significant seed production as an ongoing revenue generator for your community. This program is designed to help you increase wattle seed production while restoring degraded lands and providing valuable ecological restoration.

By Application Only

Community Seed Banking: Infrastructural Considerations and Collection Management

Discover the essential aspects of managing a community seed bank, including the infrastructure considerations, seed preservation processes, data management, and the significance of community engagement. We'll take you on a journey through the world of seed banking and show the critical role of seed banks in safeguarding Aboriginal biodiversity and ensuring the future of our planet.  Includes bio-registry forms and handbook.

6 weeks - Online Course

Starts April 2024

Enrollements are Closed

Working with Ancient Grains

Across the country there is massive demand for native grains like Kangaroo grass and native millet. These traditional varieties provide a great opportunity for indigenous communities to engage with the bush food industry.

This 8 hour online course happens over 6 sessions and will help you to identify the grains in your region, and link these varieties to specific language groups, and in some instances, to specific bread makers. 

We also help you to identify opportunities for native grain production in your community.

Coming in September

Put the interests of community first.

Collective Resilience:


Building Community and Realizing Shared Potential

At Bush Botanics, we believe that the best medicines are found in nature. We work with indigenous communities to support ecological restoration projects using native trees, medicinal plants and bush foods. Our unique approach combines research, education and economic development t to create positive change from the ground up.

We honor the rich history and knowledge of Indigenous Australians in relation to their land, resources, and traditional practices. Indigenous Australians have lived sustainably for thousands of years, drawing on the vast array of native plant species for nutrition, therapeutic uses, and agricultural products.

The management and rights to agricultural production are determined by Indigenous laws, customs, and lore, with specific responsibilities assigned to individuals within their societies. Indigenous women often hold authority over the practices of propagation, harvest, and use of traditional foodstuffs and agricultural products.

Bush Botanics recognizes and upholds the rightful place of Indigenous women in decision-making processes related to Indigenous botanicals.

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Made by hand, on the land....

Bush Botanics Australia, Ltd. supports native Australian bush regeneration, sustainable harvesting and the protection of endangered species

Indigenous Australians have been the first land managers, farmers, and manufacturers in Australia, their knowledge and practices continue to be vital for the sustainable use and care of the country’s resources.

We acknowledges the Australian Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of this nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work. 

Always was, always will be…

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